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Meet some of my customers and their happy pets! 

"Jayne has been working with my dog Harvey for a good few months now which i am very grateful for. I have found Jayne to be extremely reliable and very conscientious with regards to Harveys needs. It has been the extra special touches that has made me so impressed with Jayne and knowing i get a tailored service. I have found Jayne to build her own relationship with Harvey and adapt to his needs even so much as knowing what kind of mood he is in when they go walking.

Jayne is very trustworthy, making me feel completely comfortable with giving her a key to the property so she can come and go while i am at work. After each walk Jayne will show me the distance Harvey has walked through her mobile phone giving me even more reassurance my Harvey is getting just what he needs. I would definitely recommend Jayne, she has certainly made my life easier and Harvey has gained a special friend."

Lisa and her Beagle, Harvey

“Jayne has been helping looking out for Indie my Staffordshire Bull Terrier for a few months now and has been a God send. Indie is a fun loving dog and loves people and dogs alike and she adores her new BFF Jayne! On the days that Jayne has looked after Indie, if I mention her name, Indie gets so excited. That’s all the proof I need to know how much love Jayne gives to my dog!


 Jayne is happy to help in any way she can and have no problem giving her a key to my house. I just wish she would do a bit of dusting and hovering occasionally!!


Finally, you can tell the joy that Jayne gets from making pets and their owners happy. I love it when I am sat at my desk at work and I get a picture of Indie having a good time!


Thank you Jayne. Love, Kerry and Indie. xx”
Before even deciding to get my puppy it was a factor into my decision that I would need a dog minder as I work a 4 day week, but trying to  find the right one was a bit of mare! However, Jayne was recommended to me by one of the 'mums' at puppy class - as Jayne looks after her pup. From my first meeting with Jayne I have been very impressed with Jayne's knowledge of puppy/dog care and her obvious love of dogs. I cant put into words how much it means to me to have someone like Jayne to come and check in on my puppy Summer, to know Summer is getting lots love and attention and care. Jayne leaves me notes as to how her visit to Summer has gone that day and I keep Jayne informed of any issues, where I am up to with training etc. So it's really good to know Summer's education continues whilst I am at work - which all helps keep her routine on the straight and narrow.

I am due to go away with work and I am gutted (and guilty) to have to leave my puppy so early from getting her. But I have no hesitation in letting Summer board with Jayne. I know Jayne will offer the best of care and Summer will be well looked after.
Dee with Summer - Cocker Spaniel puppy.
Jayne has walked our dog Ollie for 10 months now, since he was a puppy- 

She came to the house to meet him beforehand and got to know him during comfort breaks at our house, until he was old enough to go out on walks. During this time, we have found Jayne to be extremely reliable and cares for Ollie like he is one of her own!   Ollie's response to Jayne is great, because he enjoys his walks on his own and with other dogs - this has really helped with his training regime. Ollie is very contented in Jayne's company, we know we have definitely made the right decision and our minds are at ease while we are at work. Pet Concierge prices are competitive and certainly give value for money. We have no hesitation in highly recommending Pet Concierge to anyone who is looking for a dog walker.


Ian & Emma Woods

Pictures to follow! 


Hi There,

Jayne looked after our dogs this year when we went abroad for 2x weeks. We usually leave the dogs with a very reputable kennels - but always ALWAYS begin to worry about how much contact and walking they are getting :-( - sound familiar??

Jayne was extremely thorough - she visited our house to meet the dogs in their home environment, and then we visited her home to meet her family and her beautiful dog Jet

She gave us lots of forms to complete - easy to follow, and brilliant - as you get the chance to write down all your dogs likes, dislikes, idiosyncrasies and such......... and with our Cocker Spaniels - believe me I needed to add sheets too!! She was very thorough with the vaccinations and vet details and she has a brilliant relationship with the local vets (ours recommended her to us).

We dropped the dogs off the night before we left and the dogs settled in quite quickly.

Jayne kindly updated us - as being worried parents we text a couple of times - sorry Jayne! :-)

Millie (our bitch Spaniel) and Charlie (our dog spaniel) both had a lovely time at Jayne's lovely home and for the first time EVER - Millie did not 'duck down' when we picked her up (something we think she does to make us feel bad when we leave her in kennels). She was all over us and happily darting around Jaynes lounge with Charlie and Jet - we could not believe it.

Most dogs are fussy and ALL owners are fussy - FACT!

I will always want to use Jayne to look after my dogs in future. Not only does she care deeply for the animals, but she involves them and integrates them into her family - and what a lovely family she has too.

Millie and Charlie had the most wonderful vacation - Charlie I think was in his element with other dogs to play with and Millie has never been so comfy with other people. I just want to say a HUGE thank you Jayne - it is wonderful to know how relaxed we can be knowing you are in charge of our lovely dogs. 

Thanks again
Janine, Carl, Millie & Charlie x
Our Cocker Spaniel Maxwell is a very lucky dog.  He has a wonderful person in his life - Jayne.    It gives my husband and I great comfort and joy to know that Max is being well looked after by Jayne from Pet Concierge.  She is a true professional.  He has daily walks, lots of exercise and many cuddles from Jayne.  She even washes him if he gets into a mess! She is passionate about animals and her devotion shines through in all that she does.  Jayne leaves notes for us and we are in constant communication which is great customer service and much appreciated.   It is obvious when you see Max with Jayne how much he loves her and that is a credit to her caring nature and her animal skills.  Max has stayed overnight with Jayne, her family and Jet and he was welcomed into their home with no problem at all.   We would be happy to recommend Pet Concierge to any other owners who are looking for someone special to look after their special pet.     Arthur and Delyth Fair.
Max ever persistent to play ball....hurry up Jayne!
        Rosie after a wet walk!
This is Lester, the family Chihuahua full of spirit!                                                           This is lovely Lola, a fun filled Spaniel/Poodle X 
Jayne has been walking my dog, Lola, for about a year now. Jayne has been brilliant and very flexible with respect to my ever-changing work schedule which has required frequent dog walkling schedule changes. I have also found her to be completely reliable and I feel completely comfortable with Jayne having a key to my house. It also gives me a lot of reassurance to know that Jayne is able and willing to attend to Lola if any emergencies come up.
Jayne has also been great about keeping me updated about Lola when I am not there and has been very good with training, drawing on her considerable knowledge and experience with dogs. Lola just adores Jayne as evidenced by the dramatic way she throws herself on the floor between Jayne and the door when she tries to leave!
I would not hesitate to recommend Jayne to other dog owners. 
Charlotte Simpson & Lola                                                                             
Jet with Charlie - they could almost be twins! 

Sam snoozing the early evening away on the sofa with Jayne  

My first encounter with a lovely Chilean Rose Tarantula

Sam and Bobby who became firm friends when they shared Home from Home boarding! 
 This is Star, a Golden Retriever who stays for daycare and overnights, he loves a chase round the garden via the Dog Flap with Jet!


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Kessie on the beach with her Mum Laura!                                                                            
Brodie and Sam waiting for go for a walk together
    Caspar didn't like his cone on! That wasn't a very happy walk!                                                              
                                                                                                                  Caspar and Sam sharing a stick on a shared socialisation walk
Mr Bobby on his home from home boarding with Jayne - he particulary liked to view from the front window - watching the world go by!
This is Charlie, Millie on their home from home boarding last year with Jet, all relaxing very much after a busy time at the local fields! Charlie especially liked the view from the window! 
If you look closely you can spot a tiny black puppy Beryl having a rest on Jets' back!
This is Stanley - Italien Spinnone having a puppy snooze after playing with Jet
Millie and Jet snuggling
Look at my stick Jayne!!
Cocker Dexter having puppy snuggles with his lovely full tum!
Mr Bobby and Sam shared a home from home boarding with Jayne last year and became firm friends!