Our home - Dog Boarding

The Home Boarding Service offers a 2019 (2year) CWAC licensed, insured exclusive care package with Jayne @ Pet Concierge, or Diane @ Pet Concierge. Home from home boarding without the stress of kenneling. Prices start at just £25 per night with a £25 deposit -  please contact Jayne for more details.

CWAC Licence 19/AB/157 & CWAC Licence 19/AB/142

Customers references and stories/photographs of the service can be found on the Facebook reviews and Instagram page.

Jayne primarily boards Spaniels and Labradors alongside her resident Spaniel Jet & Labrador Beau. Other working dogs will be considered. Jayne can offer a fun and highly stimulating Home Board for active dogs who also enjoy the home comforts of a large garden, fields close by, a cozy Log Burner and extra large sized sofa! Jayne is comfortable and confident to meet the needs of a busy, active dog who needs a exciting day. Jayne has Home Boarded off and on since 2009 and has vast experience of housing multiple dogs. Until 2018 she also had four dogs of her own so is used to a demanding pack! Sadly with the loss of two dogs the remaining two can be a little sensitive and enjoy the company of like-minded easy going dogs.

Diane and John primarily board smaller breeds alongside their resident Border Terrier Bob. They are Jayne's parents and upon early retirement decided to expand their already busy roles at Pet Concierge and licence for Home Boarding. They offer a laid back, loving and homely approach to Home Boarding. Bob is more than welcoming and happy to share his home. He enjoys playtime and loves the hooomans visiting for Meet and Greets too!

Home Boarding will always be offered to existing clients in the first instance. The numbers are limited and restricted by licence to two guest dogs at each property so early advance booking is always required. 

On occasion, short notice requests can be accommodated but not guaranteed. A Meet and Greet must take place first to establish the booking requirements and suitability. Some dogs may need a socialisation test or trial session to assess suitability. 

Entire males and unspayed females will be considered but not guaranteed, discretion will be used. 

Elderly dogs and dogs with long-term illness will be considered providing a suitable care plan can be agreed.

Dogs under twelve months will be considered but will require a sociability test and trial session.
    Jet all cosy and tucked up in my bed!