Your home - Pet Care

Pet Concierge offers a unique insured home pet care service that will look after any of your animals no matter what age, shape, size, feathered or fluffy, flying or many legged! Every beloved pet needs care and attention and this needs to extend to times when you are busy, ill, or away on holiday without the need for them to have their environment changed or disturbed. All pet care can be tailored to meet your requirements and includes play sessions, grooming, medicating, changing bedding/toilet areas or simply some food and a little company and/or a home-sit live in service . 
Home pet care visits start at just £8.50 and can be extended to more than one visit per day.This may be the puuurfect solution for your cats who dislike the confinement of a cattery and want to have the comfort and freedom of their own environment even whilst you are away from home. With prior agreement outdoor cats will also be allowed to maintain their outdoor routines.

Extended Home Pet Care is the home-sit live in service. Starting at £25pn-£35pn Hannah will stay at your home during your time away and care for your dogs, cats, small animals as her own. This service is subject to a successful                                                           Meet & Greet and mutually agreed terms and conditions.

                                                                 These are my beautiful Orientals with their Mum
 Mimsy was my best friend for many years
Home pet care extras 
- Curtain and mail service for when you are away from home as added home security for you
- Bins out and put away on bin day
- Welcome home pack for fridge essentials after a break away
- Emergency pet care in the event of a personal emergency for you
- Taking your animals to vets or groomers for you
- Taking your puppy/dog or joining you at training classes
- Purchasing and transporting bulk pet food supplies
   My cats enjoy their home comforts very much!!!