Dog Walking & Comfort Breaks

It is a well written fact that a happy dog is a tired dog! Many displays of behaviour problems can often be a symptom of boredom or a dog simply lacking in meaningful stimulation and interaction. A short daily walk and structured play sessions can provide most dogs with enough contentment, however busy lifestyles can sometimes take our attentions away from our four legged friends most important part of their doggy day.

Pet Concierge offers a truly unique service to happily help meet the needs of both you and your dog.
Burton Woods where my dogs enjoy a free roam around
Dog Walking
Starting at just £8.50 Pet Concierge will offer you an insured well trained dog walking service tailored to your requirement. Your dog will be collected from home and walked a distance and length of time that you feel is suitable for your dogs' needs. This may be a short walk in between your own daily walks or can be extended to include beach, woods and field trips. Early morning, evening and weekend walks can also be catered for! At your written consent dogs can be walked off leash and your walking pattern and styles will always be observed. Multiple dog walks can be arranged if you prefer your dog to have some doggy social time and multiple dogs from the same household can be walked together or separately for you.
            Mr Sweep always enjoyed an off leash walk
  • All dogs walked will be supplied with toilet bags and leads (if required)
  • All dogs will have a tag attached to their collar displaying a contact number for Pet Concierge for the duration of the walk giving additional peace of mind 
  • Maximum group of 3 dogs per walker/vehicle
  • Discreet service - no uniforms, no marked vehicles
  • Dogs will be cleaned, fed and watered as appropriate on each visit
  • A doggy first aid kit and fresh water will be available  
  • Large breeds catered for and aggressive dogs (with muzzle)
  • Calling cards will be left after each visit
  • Can be arranged as regular or one-off walks
  • Short notice bookings will always be accommodated when booked before 9.20am
  • No cancellation fees or premium for regular slots
Comfort Breaks
Starting at just £8 Pet Concierge can offer a unique service of insured Comfort Breaks for your dog that can be tailored to your requirement and can include, a short walk, play session, toilet break in your back garden or simply a little company and personal attention to brighten up their day. For those of you who can manage and enjoy your dog walking time this may be the perfect solution for your busy days.
  • This may also suit elder, convalescing or less active dogs and their owners
  • Can be arranged as regular or one-off
  • Short notice bookings will always be accommodated where possible
  • Doggy day care can also be accommodated